Loads on Piping System

Operation of piping system receive vary much and complex loads which includes sustain load, occasional load, and expansion load. Calculate load is the important action to perform pipe stress analysis. Each occurred load in the piping system is caused by input load which has different value in each point and also caused by environment load such as wind load, snow load, seismic load and so on. Each component of load either due to operating condition or environment must be considered when doing pipe stress analysis to get safely piping system design.

Pipe stress analysis is intended to ensure that piping system is safe for operation and verify structure support can resist existing load in the piping system. In addition, pipe stress analysis is also performed to determine the pedestal pipe load so the piping system can be properly supported. This condition can be carried out by doing calculation and comparison to allowable parameters value as follow:

-          Stress on the pipe wall
-          Displacement due to pipe expansion
-          Loads on the nozzle
-          Personal frequency system

Loads on the piping system can be classified based on type of load that occur as follow: sustain load, occasional load and thermal expansion load.